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Hello. My name is Chris Kisela, I am the proud owner of CMYK Photography and I have been capturing smiles for over a decade in the Sacramento and the surrounding Bay Area. As a local family photographer, I get to see LOTS and LOTS of sweet faces and, as you can imagine, each one comes with a unique personality.

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When taking photos of children my goal is to capture a certain look from them. While I LOVE getting big open-mouthed smiles from kids, I work really hard to bring out their personality. I act super silly to achieve that - We talk about funny things; I ask them if they have any funny tricks and I let them wow and amaze me with their knowledge and humor. And then BOOM – there it is - THE look. You know the one…The look only you see on the child's face all the time. For some, it might be a big laugh. For others it might be the sideways, mischievous glance. Or the pensive "looking to your soul" gaze. The secret, though, is that I don't always know exactly WHICH one it is. So, I shoot A LOT. And I deliver a variety of expressions to your online gallery so that when you see all the images, you will know that perfect shot when you see it. The very best compliments I receive back from parents is "YES!! That shot is TOTALLY MY BABY! "

CMYK is a professional custom photography experience for families and select schools in the Sacramento area. We provide a personal and professional service and a product that delivers genuine, artistic images.

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Our process

Before Photo day we will:

-Explore your campus for the most photogenic location

-Determine the best schedule for your school

-Email your parents photo day reminders

-Communicate with your school about *any other details*

On photo day:

-Our team arrives up to one hour before the start time for setup

-1-2 parent volunteers is always helpful

-Each student will have a ‘smile ticket’. Giving access to their individual gallery

-Utilizing current safe practice, we keep a safe distance for a ‘no touch’ experience

-Each student receives multiple images for variety and choice

After photo day:

-Photos take up to 7 days to process and post online

-Your students’ gallery link and password will be securely emailed to their guardian

-Digital files and prints available, Order one or all

-Prints will be mailed directly home


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